The term VIP gets thrown around a lot these days, but in the gentlemen’s club business, it stands for Very Important Person. These are members who have paid an additional fee to get perks like free drinks and private rooms, as well as access to the dancers and anything else on the premises not open to normal customers. If you’re thinking about joining one of these clubs, or you already have but aren’t sure what to expect, here’s everything you need to know about gentlemens club vip.

Understand what the term ‘VIP’ means in clubs

It’s a common misconception that you need to be extremely rich or famous in order to qualify as a VIP. In fact, in many clubs, it’s more about your frequency of visits. Being one of their best customers shows these businesses that you appreciate their services, which is why they like to treat you extra special when you visit.

Know who qualifies for VIP status

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Every gentlemen’s club is going to have different requirements for VIP membership, but in most cases, a member must be a frequent visitor who spends a lot of money every time he visits. If you want your local strip club to know that you’re serious about becoming a VIP member, start by making contact with one of its dancers.

Sign up for a membership and start getting treated like royalty

First, head over to your nearest gentlemen’s club and find out if they have VIP options. This may require a quick phone call or text message; most clubs welcome guest inquiries of any kind. Once you’re sure that they do offer VIP services, go ahead and take advantage of those benefits, but don’t abuse them. It’s always important to remember that being a VIP member comes with great responsibility; use your privilege wisely. For example, when entering a gentleman’s club as a VIP member, expect an enthusiastic greeting from your favorite hostess and get comfortable in one of their plush leather couches.

Enjoy all of the privileges you’ve earned

VIP is a powerful designation. It’s a sign that your status means something. Gentlemens club VIP memberships can come with any number of rewards, everything from private rooms and booths to free drinks and discounts on dances. In addition to these perks, most clubs offer some basic VIP benefits that apply throughout every section of their establishment.