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  • Monday MV Screencap Explosion: SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong”

    Monday MV Screencap Explosion

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  • New Champ Is A Sad Man-Boy With Low Self-Esteem in “Yahage” MV

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  • Welcome to American K-Pop Fans!
  • Welcome to American K-Pop Fans!
  • Welcome to American K-Pop Fans!

Welcome to the newly redesigned and re-imagined American K-Pop Fans!

We’ve hinted at a fresh new site for weeks now, and we’re so excited to finally be able to open the doors to all the fun and awesome features we have in store.

As you have noticed, we’ve wiped the slate clean (quite literally) and brightened the atmosphere of the site with a simple new design. We don’t want you to be distracted by crazy colors and tons of graphics, we want you to experience K-Pop!

We’ve already rolled out some of our fun new features, and will be adding more in the coming weeks and months, so be ready for us to entertain your pants right off! We want American K-Pop Fans to be a fun, positive and safe place for K-Pop fans to come laugh, cry and spazz over their favorite idols. So welcome! We’re so glad you’re here!

Random bits of viral goodness for you to enjoy

Some ‘Around The Web: …’ goodies:
>> Around the Web: TheUnsungHeroine Covers “Levels” by Avicii (Skrillex Remix) On Piano
>> Around The Web: Korea’s Long Road To Accepting Homosexuality

There’s so much derp in K-Pop that we have to update you daily

Derp on over to these Daily Derps:
>> Daily Derp: BEAST’s JunHyung Licks Lips, Derps Beautifully While Doing So
>> Daily Derp: SNSD’s Sunny Strikes the Derpiest Pose in Derp History
>> Daily Derp: EXO-M’s Kris Looks Stoned Out of His Mind in High School Photo

AKPF’s crack writers review the latest albums and videos

Sit back and enjoy some ‘Reviews’:
>> Music Review: Robert Talks Up “Mama” by Gangkiz
>> Music Review: Robert on SNSD’s “Paparazzi”

Get your swag on and see who didn’t get theirs

As RuPaul would say – “Shante, you stay!”:
>> Street Fashion + Trend Report Summer 2012: Florals
>> Who Swagged Harder: Rihanna vs. Taeyang vs. Dara
>> Who Wore It Better: Park Bom vs. Seo Hyun


My First Time: Reviews by K-Pop virgins.

K-Pop at Home: Want to find the best noraebang in your city? Tired of wondering what great Korean barbecue tastes like? We’ll pick a different city every month and tell you all the best local K-places to visit!

An American in the ROK: One of our writers will be sharing her experiences while she lives and works in Korea.

AKPFan Spotlight: You’re our true idols here, so we’ll shine all the lights on each of you in special fan appreciation posts!

Op-Ed and Editorials: We have tons and tons of opinions. Be ready for an ocean of feels!


Welcome to American K-Pop Fans!
Welcome to American K-Pop Fans!
Welcome to American K-Pop Fans!
Welcome to American K-Pop Fans!
Welcome to American K-Pop Fans!

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