MBLAQ Gets it Right in “Be A Man” MV

20140324 mblaq be a man

So it was around the 0:30 mark that I felt an eerie sense of familiarity. I thought, “Wow, this is really good, and it feels so right. OH HEY I KNOW WHY!”

It’s almost a carbon copy of NSync‘s “Gone,” which was released 13 years ago.

This is a good thing! MBLAQ has always billed themselves as all emotional and feely, but never quite got it right, whether it was unintentionally hilarious English (what the hell is a Smoky Girl anyway?) or cracked out wardrobe (go home Thunder, you’re drunk). But this latest effort makes some actual sense. They’re sad, they’re wearing suits, it’s in black and white, they’re in some kind of abandoned… office? It’s angsty but adult and I think it fits them well.

So good on you, MBLAQ! If you’re gonna take a page out of anyone’s book, NSync’s book is the right choice.

And for funsies…

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MBLAQ Gets it Right in “Be A Man” MV
MBLAQ Gets it Right in “Be A Man” MV
MBLAQ Gets it Right in “Be A Man” MV
MBLAQ Gets it Right in “Be A Man” MV
MBLAQ Gets it Right in “Be A Man” MV
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