Korean Bands at SXSW Part Four: Love X Stereo

Korean Bands at SXSW Part Four: Love X Stereo


The annual SXSW Music Festival is nearly upon us! And luckily for you, your AKPF editor-in-chief lives and works in Austin and will be bringing you ALL the goodies from this year’s festivities.

For the next few weeks we’ll be going over all the Korean acts that will be performing in Austin in 2014. Odds are, you haven’t heard of most of them. But learning is fun!

Read part one here and part two here.

2014.01.31 the more you know


LoveXstereo is heavily influenced by 90′s alt rock, but the electronic production and lead singer Annie’s breezy yet powerful vocals make for a refreshingly new sound. They’ll be joining fellow indie artists Glen Check and Rock N’ Roll Radio on the Seoulsonic tour this year (stay tuned for more info on that!).

We caught up with the band and asked some questions to help you get to know them better!

How did the band get started?
We were originally in a band called Skrew Attack, a sk8 punk rock band. When our drummer left, we decided to do something different, something that we really like, and something we’d never done before. We figured we can do something interesting with or without a drummer, and immediately started to find our love for the 90′s. Everything started from there. That was at the end of 2011.

What is your process for songwriting and performing? Are they different?
It depends. Sometimes Toby brings a great guitar riff, sometimes Annie comes up with a nice hook, sometimes we jam, and everything starts from there. But we spend most of our time arranging our performance more than songwriting. Bringing balance to our own sound; that’s the key to our music.

How long were you making music before you felt the band had achieved some recognition in Korea? What about overseas recognition?
All of our members were doing music for more than 10 years. But we feel like we are getting more recognition than ever these days. Especially overseas. The response is very positive, and we believe we can stretch out to the world if we keep making good tracks and show good shows. We are slowly gaining recognition in Korea because of our activities overseas. Our band has a quite unique position in our country.

What was it about rock music that drew you in the beginning?
We were all angry in our youth (try to live as a teenager in Korea). Rock music gives us a sense of freedom to be mad or angry, happy or sad. It’s the best way to express your true feelings.

Which track would you say represents your music the best? Or which track are you most proud of?
We feel like our favorite track is yet to come. Fans really do like “Soul City” and “Fly Over.” People also like edgy songs like “Free Ass,” too. We do have great fun when we perform “Chain Reaction” and “Storm.” Those tracks are quite intense and very focused.

What was your favorite Korean album of 2013 (not your own!)?
Hard to tell. We really enjoyed listening to Juck Juck Grunzie‘s album. Also loved to listen Rock N’ Roll Radio‘s and Les Sales‘ albums, too.

What other band performing SXSW would you say is a must see for American audiences?
Rock N’ Roll Radio. Newbies, but seriously great performers. They will be performing right before us on Thursday night at Icenhauer’s. We hope to see everyone there!

Love X Stereo will be performing at the K-Rock Showcase on March 13th for SXSW in Austin, TX. Be sure to catch the show if you can, and in the meantime, check out more of their music on YouTube!

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Korean Bands at SXSW Part Four: Love X Stereo
Korean Bands at SXSW Part Four: Love X Stereo
Korean Bands at SXSW Part Four: Love X Stereo
Korean Bands at SXSW Part Four: Love X Stereo
Korean Bands at SXSW Part Four: Love X Stereo
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