The Drama Behind Kim Hum Joong’s Drama

The Drama Behind Kim Hum Joong’s Drama

By now everybody and their mother knows that Kim Hyun Joong‘s highly anticipated drama City Conquest and was expected to be broadcast on KBS, but the station did an abrupt 180º and rejected the airing of the drama claiming it was lacking in quality.

This, of course, ticked off the producers who said, “KBS revealed that after they looking over the submitted plan and script, they decided that the content was not up to par and it was inadequate to be broadcast on public television. These are only excuses. We produced this in conjunction with KBS’ subsidiary, KBS Media, but they decided not to air it anyway. There aren’t any words of apology or explanation to the producers and the domestic and international fans who are waiting for this drama.”

And accused KBS of having political reasons for that abrupt decision.“We definitely heard them saying that the content is good and it has potential, but that it was not adequate to air because of the way violence was depicted, especially with the new turnover in government. When the time comes, we will provide the evidence we can prove ourselves with if necessary.”

The drama’s producers continued, “KBS told us to change writers, edit the script, and even change a part of the cast. We did everything they required even though we were hurt from it, but we were told that the drama could not be aired. This is unreasonable.”

To this, KBS responded, “We held 4 drama planning meetings because of ‘City Conquest’, and had continuously requested the producers to improve the drama. However, the plan and the script submitted in the most recent planning meeting were still not up to par. The drama also contains excessive violence, and was judged to be unfit for public broadcast. This is why we decided that we would not air it. In a report we issued them, the fact that the drama will not be aired if the script is not up to par is clearly outlined. The producers have asserted that we’re being political, and they also used an expression that defames the character of one of the high-ranking names of the drama industry. We will take strict actions against the producers because they are saying things that aren’t true.”


I swear, this could be a k-drama plot in it of itself. Wait, didn’t King of Dramas have something similar in it’s plot? That’s what I read somewhere. I haven’t seen King of Dramas yet.

I feel terrible that poor Kim Hyun Joong is stuck in the middle of this whole kerfuffle.

Let’s ignore their other “issues” about the script and such for a moment, shall we? Just how high is the level of violence in City Conquest that it made the station reject it so vehemently? Mind you, this is the station that brought you IRIS, which was quite violent (just ask T.O.P) and will bring you IRIS 2, which from the trailers and it’s predecessor, we can certainly count on high levels of violence (high for regular broadcast TV, I guess).

Since KBS is being (bleeeeep) and rumor has it that SBS and MBC don’t want anything to do with it, whatever their reasons, I have a suggestion. City Conquest producers, hear me out for a moment. Just go pitch the show to OCN (they had Hero and Holy Land and Ten all three with “high” degrees of violence. You could even put Vampire Prosecutor in there as well, if you want to push it. Maybe try one of the other cable stations. Kim Hyun Joong‘s fans will gladly jump to cable if it means they’ll be able to watch their idol’s drama. Plus, too many people (Hyun Joong’s fans aside) are anxiously waiting for this one to finally air. I include myself in there.

Source: kpopstarz and akp

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The Drama Behind Kim Hum Joong’s Drama
The Drama Behind Kim Hum Joong’s Drama
The Drama Behind Kim Hum Joong’s Drama
The Drama Behind Kim Hum Joong’s Drama
The Drama Behind Kim Hum Joong’s Drama
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