2012 MAMA Lowdown

2012 MAMA Lowdown

For those who were smarter than I was, stayed asleep and missed out on the 2012 MAMA, here are the best performances (according to ME). I must clarify, I did watch most of it live EXCEPT Super Junior, Bigbang and Psy because that’s exactly when my fabulously inefficient internet provider decided to crap out. Yes, after waking up at 4am to watch Bigbang perform live. I did it for the boys and ended up getting bitchslapped by the “company that shall not be named.”

EXO/SHINee – I must admit, I saw that was happening and honestly doubted it would work. Had to eat my words, no salt added. It worked. It worked well.

Troublemaker – Because of the infamous kiss performance at last year’s MAMA, it was said that they had been asked to tone it down so it would be “more suitable” for broadcast.

A reminder of last year:

This year’s toned down troublemaking.

Right. Moving on.

Epik High (so good, it was downright scary. I’m so happy they’re back.)

Super Junior -

Sexy Free & Single

PSY (A huge, inflatable PSY and 4 big awards! O’Reilly what do you say about that? On second thought, don’t.)

My completely biased fangirl opinion. Made me re-live the awesome time I spent at their concert in NJ. Will do again when they come back to the US. Because yes, they will. Must. Have to. Otherwise, this noona and other USA VIP’s will not be happy.

Er, back on point. OMG BIGBANG brought the house down.

Crayon (T.O.P & GD better watch out for Taeyang) Wait, where’s GD?

Fantastic Baby (I need GD’s hairstylist just in case I want to change to a fantastic hair color for lunch and a different one for dinner)

I can’t go without sharing a conversation I had during the pre-dawn hours at the beginning of the show with mom (who unlike me is by nature an early riser):

Me watching MAMA and G-Dragon doing his rap thing in English.
Me: Look mom, he’s part of the group I saw in concert.
Mom: He’s adorable.
Me: XD (happy fangirl)

This is what I was watching (Ignore poor Song Joong Ki. I love him as an actor, but he was so off-key I was embarrassed for him). Want to spare your ears? Head over to 2:20 and smile.

Here’s a list of the winners as a bonus for those of you who care.

Best New Female Artist: Ailee
Best Solo Dance Performance: Psy
Best Female Group: SISTAR
Best Male Group: BIG BANG
Best Collaboration: Trouble Maker
Mnet PD Award: B.A.P
Best Group Performance – MALE: SHINee
Best Group Performance – FEMALE: f(x)
Best Vocal Performance – Solo: K.Will
Best Vocal Performance – Group: Davichi
International Favorite Artist Award: PSY
Best OST: Seo In Guk & Jung Eun Ji – Reply 1997
Best Band Performance: Busker Busker
Best New Male Artist: Busker Busker
Best Music Video: Psy – Gangnam Style
Best New Asian Artist: EXO
Style in Music Award: Gain
Guardian Angel Worldwide Performer Award: Big Bang
Best Rap Performance: Epik High
Best Male Artist: G-Dragon
Best Female Artist: IU
Best Global Group – Male: Super Junior
Best Global Group – Female: Kara
Best Line Award: Super Junior
Artist of the Year: Big Bang
Album of the Year: Super Junior’s Sexy, Free & Single
Song of the Year: Psy’s Gangnam Style

videos via Mnet Channel on Youtube
winners list via eNewsWorld

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  • http://twitter.com/mme0914 Mari ^_^

    I also agree to me BigBang was the best of the night….though they weren’t present for most o the show it seemed they wanted to stay low key for their performance. About GD’s rap I liked it, it seemed to be more of an extent to his rap he did at the NJ concert, his pronunciation was a bit off but not too bad. Also loved his hair changes and Epik High’s concept =)

  • shrooms

    disappointed at the lack of coverage of the actual showcase of skill on that night; specifically the performances by adam lambert, roy kim, wang li hom and the rappers on the hip hop stage. Big bang’s stage was entertaining but that didn’t make up for the utter lack of rapping or singing skill. Epik high’s stage was also a major letdown; the group can definitely do much better without the gimmicky concepts esp since the concept involves having a ridiculous Bane mask over Mithra’s mouth. He sounded like he was rapping into a pillow tbh.

  • sky_is_shawol


  • KristyHearts_05

    Well, BIGBANG was memorable that’s for sure. Epik High was fun, the EXO/SHINee performance was pretty cool. I usually can’t stand watching troublemaker but surprisingly I kind of like this performance. My favorite performance was between the hip-hop stage and Ga-In’s little performance.

2012 MAMA Lowdown
2012 MAMA Lowdown
2012 MAMA Lowdown
2012 MAMA Lowdown
2012 MAMA Lowdown
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