B2ST’s Yoseob Releases “Caffeine” MV

B2ST’s Yoseob Releases “Caffeine” MV

If a man compared me to caffeine I would assume he’s saying that I make him feel energized.

Apparently B2ST‘s Yoseob is a health nut because he’s implying that caffeine is pretty much the worst thing ever. It would’ve been more believable if the lyric was “cocaine.”  God forbid.

But besides the lyrics…

I love it! The song is silky smooth and perfectly compliments Yoseob’s angelic voice. The man could sing the phonebook and I would buy that album. But the fact that CUBE managed to find a single that really suits his style and highlights his strengths is impressive. The chorus could be better, but honestly I think it’s the Engrish that’s throwing me off. “You bad to me you bad to me oh gull you like a capeen.” No thanks. But inject some lovely Korean (or even slightly more intelligible English) and I am totally on board.

The look of the video is also really nice. The treatment of the film is beautiful and I love the staging of all the sets. I’m not sure who did the choreography but I love the “push and pull” effect, I feel that it highlights the pleasant tension felt throughout the track. And let’s talk about how Yosoeb looks terrific.  That pearl-covered suit is questionable but let’s not split hairs here.  There is also a shocking lack of manhand shots but it’s enough to get me all hot and bothered. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take another look at the video and pay attention to how huge and manly and sexy his hands are. It’s like someone took Chris Hemsworth‘s hands and Frankenstein’d them onto a tiny Korean man. That sounded like a compliment in my head.

I wasn’t exactly paying attention to the story because… well it doesn’t really matter.  I guess that chick cheated on him?  Or just got bored with him and left?  Not sure.

Also Junhyung is there.

Check out the video below and tell us what YOU think of Yoseob’s solo debut!

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B2ST’s Yoseob Releases “Caffeine” MV
B2ST’s Yoseob Releases “Caffeine” MV
B2ST’s Yoseob Releases “Caffeine” MV
B2ST’s Yoseob Releases “Caffeine” MV
B2ST’s Yoseob Releases “Caffeine” MV
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