The Rookie List: K-Pop’s Rookies of 2012

The Rookie List: K-Pop’s Rookies of 2012

Hello everyone! My name is Niki, and I will be your guide through this wonderful world we call “Rookie Land!” where we do everything in our powers to introduce you to every single K-pop rookie group of 2012!

And here it is folks, the current list of Rookie K-Pop bands for the year 2012, and boy, is it a doozy. So instead of leaving you in the dust wondering “Who the heck ARE all these new kids?!”, we’re going to go through and give a quick run down of each group! Mind you, there are a total of 63, thats right 63, groups debuting ((UPDATED: As of late September, there are a total of 80 named rookie groups this year, plus around 3 or 4 rumored groups with no name, and 47 have actually debuted already!)), so to make it easier on you, and us, we’re going to do these a few at a time and update this page with links for your convenience. Of course, some of these groups have yet to debut, but as soon as they do, we’ll let you know! For now, take a break from your normal fangirl(or boy)ing, and get to know some of these up and coming new artists!

As a key, I’m going to put all of the artists who I know have already debuted this year, as in released a MV, performed live, or released a CD, in bold. If you see someone on the list who SHOULD be marked as debuted, let me know. There are a lot and the list just keeps growing!

BBde Girl (new)
Black Queen (new)
C-CLOWN (originally called Yedang Boys)
Cherry Bomb (new)
Crayon Pop
Double Yoon
Girls’ Generation Subgroup-TTS
Hello Venus
I’MU (set to debut with a new name with new members)
JJ Project
K-BOYS (new)
PURETTY (Debuted in Japan in August)
Rainbow’s Subgroup- Rainbow Pixie
S the ONE
Six Bomb
Sunny Days
Topp Dogg
Troy (new)
The Cheers (new)
Two X
Wonder Boyz (new)
Y.A.F. (new)

Notice a missing group? Maybe someone had the nerve to change their names? Or a group has gone the way of the dodo bird and become extinct before we got the chance to meet them? Let us know so we can keep this as up to date as possible!

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  • Amy

    Guys you forgot F.I.X they debuted at the very beginning of the year. LoL I’m hardcore Polaris so if you aren’t familiar with them I can give you info! :)

    • Niki

      Okay, that is totally my bad. I had them listed as having come out last year since they were on an OST or something, but now I see that they officially debuted this year. I will fix that right now, thanks Amy!

  • Amy

    lol it’s okay and you’re welcome Niki. A lot of people never even knew about them doing a OST so thumbs up to you and you are one of my new best friends lol.

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  • KristyHearts

    WOW! Those are a lot of groups though it’s not as much as last year I believe. It makes sense because the Big 3 (SM, JYP, and YG) have/are debuting their own rookie groups. Plus, many big name groups have been coming back. I’m not complaining too much because we get enough rookie groups debuting as it is. I’m definitely excited for SuPearls (though I have a strong feeling YG will push their comeback date back). My favorite rookies thus far are B.A.P., Spica, She’z and 2BiC! :D Chaos, I remember were pretty good. I still listen to their debut song. By the way, isn’t Ulala session a new group? And also Ailee and Juniel? Gotta love the solo artists!

    • Niki

      Oh lord, I completely forgot about Solo artists! I think I’m going to leave them off the list for now. But when I’m done with these groups, if I still have the strength, er, will power, er, time (lol), I will work on them too!

      As for Ulala session, I wasn’t counting them since they technically “came out” last year (sort of like F.I.X) when they won Superstar K3. But I’ll add them to the list ^_^

      • KristyHearts

        Haha It’s alright! There’s so many groups that solo artists tend to get overlooked. I can’t wait for Lee Hyori to come back (heard that she was) and Younha! Yay! And yeah, I was wondering if Ulala Session was exactly a 2012 rookie because they’ve been on Superstar K3 so that’s understandable.

  • @seisatou14

    B.A.P BTOB EXO NUEST JJ Project – these boy groups stood out of the bunch
    She’z , Spica – for the girl groups

    others like GG-TTS and double yoon are subgroups of already famous groups so i dont take them as rookies..

    • Niki

      I agree with you as to the boy groups, but I haven’t paid much attention to the girl groups (until now, lol).

      TaeTiSeo (Girls Generation), Double Yoon (4Minute), Rainbow Pixie (Rainbow), SPEED (Co-Ed School), and ObolJangeo (After School) are all sub-groups, but I consider them to be “rookie groups” since the “group” is new, even if the artists aren’t rookies themselves. I will most likely be leaving these groups for the end, unless you all tell me you want to hear about them sooner rather than later ^_^

  • Niki

    First Rookie group up: Exo-K! I have an idea for the next I’m going to do, but if you have one you’d like me to feature, just leave a comment and let me know!

  • Jessica

    so many groups! i would like to know which companies all these groups come from. goodness gracious. i was truly prepared to give all the rookies groups a try, not just the popular ones, but after seeing this list… i’ll just have to see. : \

  • Ashley

    Cupids and 2THE.O. are supposed to debut this year too. Cupids is YG’s new girls group but the name will most likely change because it’s the project name. 2THE.O. is JYP’s new boy group, but I’m not sure if their still gonna do that group because JB and Jr. from the JJ Project were supposed to be in it. YG has also said their doing a YG boy group this year too but all anyone knows about it is Kang Seung Yoon is supposed to be in it.

    • Niki

      I’m going to be waiting on Cupids and 2THE.O until things are a little more finalized/ we get more word on them, just in case. But I’ve put them on my radar so I’ll keep an ear to the ground for information ^_^

  • Mia

    63 rookies debuting this year?! That is a ridiculously large amount of rookies, good luck to all of them, the competition will be fierce though. Honestly speaking I only heard of a quarter of the groups on the list.

  • nana

    dayum.. huge debut list o.o
    I think its to much, because with so much groups, and competition, many other groups may be over shadowed, or ignored. Especially for the groups that have already debuted, like Exo, B.a.p, or nu’est.

  • Niki

    Alright, so far I have covered 4 boy groups (Exo-K, Exo-M, NU’EST, and B.A.P) and 1 girl group (SPICA) and I have to say, I’m impressed by all of them! Who should be next?

  • Mi Sun

    Led Apple also debuted with all new members!!

  • Mi Sun

    And i think MIB debuted this year too!!

    • Niki

      MIB actually debuted last October (but I just heard them recently and… SOOOO good!) and LED Apple technically is already a group, so they don’t count as a rookie group. Sorry Mi Sun >.< Are there any particular groups from this list that you are interested in though? I'm always up for suggestions on who to cover next ^_^

  • Maknae

    You missed C-Clown~

    • Niki

      Oh C-Clown… until just recently I had them as a “no name” group, and I didn’t want to include all of those (there were a LOT!). I’m planning on updating the list with the new groups as well as links to the groups I’ve done so far once I get this next group up, which should be… today or tomorrow I hope!

  • MiSun

    There is a girl group debuting soon called AOA from FNC Entertainment home of FT Island CN BLUE Juniel

    • Niki

      They’ll be added to the list in the next day or two ^_^ Another of the “no name” groups from before. I’ll get to reviewing them once they’ve debuted!

  • MiSun

    There is a girl group debuting soon called AOA

  • Faye

    Uh, you kind of need to update this xDD

    These are some groups that already have debuted:
    Crayon Pop

    And these are some groups that aren’t even on the list:
    Tasty (who have debuted)

    • NiKiKi

      Thanks! Yeah, I’ve been on hiatus for a few days and completely forgot to take care of this before that >.< I'll be updating with another group's profile very, VERY soon and I"ll get that fixed then.

      Sorry about that, but thanks for reminding me! ^_^

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  • Tae-Mida

    Phantom debuted last year!!

    • Niki

      Heh, oops. Sorry about that! I looked into them a tiny bit but didn’t see anything about them “officially” debuting last year. But you are right. They released an album last year. Oh well. Sorry Phantom! You’re off my list :/

      Thanks Tae-Mida!

  • LoveLoveLove05

    Jevice debuted recently

    • Niki

      Oh! Thanks for the heads up!

  • Ultimateninjaqueen

    Tiny g has debuted too~

  • K-ha

    BOB4, M-Tiful,Cross Gene,Fiestar,Phantom,Double A,C-Real,24K.

    • Niki

      Hey K-ha! Thanks for the tips. We added Fiestar and 24K as having been debuted >.< But M-Tiful, Phantom, Double A, and C-Real actually all debuted near the end of last year. Phantom debuted at the very end of 2011 and is said not to have "officially" debuted until the beginning of this year, but they won an award for "Rookie of the Month" for December '11 so… I just feel like I can't include them. However, if I ever have time (ha!), I'll try and do an intro to them as well!

  • Anon


  • jai pablo

    i love nu’est!!they are amazingly cool.,

  • Kya

    Goddess will debut in 8 days ^^

    • Niki

      Thanks for the heads up! Added them to the list and going to try and keep an eye out for them!

  • Meribeth Carlos

    100% debuted already

    • Niki

      I’m trying to deny that 100% exists right now >.< My friends are trying to get me to watch their MV, certain that I'll enjoy them, but I just have sooo many rookie feels right now. I'm terrified of getting more, lol. But I went and updated them to debuted!

  • Niki

    Alright guys, I think the list is updated so far! I’m in the process of reviewing some more groups, so my apologies for taking so long >.<

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  • ♥~вℓυє яαввιт~♥

    um.. Shouldn’t EXO be one? EXO is a group…

    • Niki

      Since EXO is technically EXO-K and EXO-M with both groups producing their own CDs and promoting (mostly) separately, I did them as two groups.

    • ★Fulya Demirci

      EXO M promotes in China when K prommotes in Korea

      • Francella ^O^

        Yes but they’re one group, those are just sub-units. Their original name is EXO (short of EXO Planet). They’re a group.

    • Kihaadhera

      your mad you stupid gal

  • Meribeth Carlos

    Lunafly debuted 4 day ago OMG I fell in love with them. Sam voice is great :-)

    • Niki

      Fixed it ^_^ I haven’t heard them yet, but I’ll add them to the ones I need to review, lol

  • teffa96

    busker busker?

    • Niki

      Busker Busker actually debuted last year

  • babypanda

    15&, Goddess, Lay T, Ne.P, Offroad, Six bomb and Sunny Days already debut. ^^

    • Niki

      I get back after a three week vaca and wow… Can’t believe I missed all of those >.< Thanks!

  • berit

    Mr.Mr, ATTACK

  • azn boi

    forgot a.cian and TOXIC

    • Niki

      Oh, good catch! I actually had a hard time confirming that a.cian was a group (not that I didn’t trust you, but I like to do my research, lol), and TOXIC just debuted right? They’re a rock band I’m excited! Thanks for catching those for me

  • Zen

    EXO. That is all.

    • Niki

      Lol. Since so many people have said it, I’ve gone ahead and made EXO into one group, with each subgroup having a page. ^_^

      • Kihaadhera

        kae ah maa bodah ingey

    • Kihaadhera

      dhn maa exo vefa saaalaaa

  • Ben Cao

    Radiance. New group. Under Woollim Ent.

  • Azree Izuddin

    how can exo k and exo m is separated?

  • Toolazy

    Wonder boyz has debuted.

    TimeZ is a new group that debuted around 4 days ago if you want to add it to the list…

  • Rin

    BtoB has debuted. They are amazing, especially their comeback “WOW”.

    • Kihaadhera

      they suck

  • Rin

    In my opinion, BAP should get they rookie award for 2012. They have worked so hard this year. They have done 2 shows and are doing their third currently. They also guest star in almost every Friday show, and have made 5 MVs in 6 months. That’s very tiring for even a older experienced band like Suju or Shinee.

    • Kihaadhera

      b.a.p is the best

  • anon123

    forgot E2RE

    • anon123

      oh as well as younique unit

  • nam

    forgot geeks

  • Francella ^O^

    Forgot Timez :)

    • sandeul


    • Kihaadhera

      kada kada

  • mavis

    forgot Mr.Mr, Crazyno, Phantom, Roh Ji Hoon, Ailee, Juniel, Flashe, Natthew, The SeeYa and Baek Seung Heon.

    • Kihaadhera

      gayah gui laabala

  • Amethyst Love

    Nu’est has the nicest music for me.. :)

    • Kihaadhera

      kada kada..exo and b.a.p the best

  • NgoTS

    NU’EST is my favourite rookie group~

    • Kihaadhera

      kon nuest eh tha…they suck

  • Kihaadhera

    hadha molhey exo and b.a.p..mi 2 group vareh neiy ingey and dhn thi bi group varah fake

The Rookie List: K-Pop’s Rookies of 2012
The Rookie List: K-Pop’s Rookies of 2012
The Rookie List: K-Pop’s Rookies of 2012
The Rookie List: K-Pop’s Rookies of 2012
The Rookie List: K-Pop’s Rookies of 2012
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